Northampton Saints’ Christian Day named RPA Chairman


The Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) today announced Northampton Saints’ Christian Day will succeed Will James as Chairman of the RPA.

Saint’s lock Day, who has served on the RPA Players’ Board as both a Player Representative and Vice-Chairman over the past three years, will assume the role immediately following former Gloucester second-row James’ retirement.

Of his appointment Christian said: “It is with great pride I take upon the role of Chairman of The Rugby Players’ Association. Never has there been a more exciting time to be involved in English rugby with the game growing year on year and a World Cup on home soil soon to look forward to.

“Our members are lucky to be able to make a living from a game they love to play, yet the number of forced retirements continue to rise and most will need to find a career for their lives post rugby. That is why the work The RPA does is so important. To ensure the wellbeing of our members currently playing the game, whilst helping to prepare them for a successful career after rugby.