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Rachael Burford Joins The RPA

The Rugby Players Association (RPA) is pleased to announce that Rachael Burford will be joining the RPA, leading the women’s rugby department as the d...

1st Jul 2024

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Press Release

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Press Release

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The Rugby Players Association is committed to supporting elite rugby players, helping them to fulfil their potential off the field as well as on it.

Our members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including: independent representation; legal advice; personal and professional development; playing insurance; education; confidential counselling; transition support; and much more. Members can also access the support of our official charity, Restart, in the event of serious illness, injury or hardship.


The Rugby Players Association is the representative body and collective voice of elite rugby players in England. We represent more than 600 male and female current rugby players, as well as more than 100 former players.

It is our mission to support, promote and protect the interests of our members, from the moment they begin their elite careers, throughout their playing days, and beyond as they embark on the next phase of their lives.




One in four people in the UK will be affected by mental illness in any given year. Rugby players are no different. Through Lift the Weight, the RPA is committed to reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health issues while providing support to those that need it.


Confidential Counselling Service: 077800 08877


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Abi Burton Testimonial Picture

From our members

Abi Burton

Trailfinders Women & GB 7's

"The RPA have been invaluable to me this year. From the support given to me by my PDM, it has allowed me to develop not only as a player but as a person."

Jonny May Testimonial Picture

From our members

Jonny May

Former England, Gloucester & Leicester Tigers Winger

"The legal support I received with the RPA was incredible. I wouldn’t have known where to have even started without their help, and they supported me through the whole process from start to finish! It made a tricky situation manageable and finished with a successful outcome."

Emily Scarratt Testimonial Picture

From our members

Emily Scarratt

England Red Rose

“As professional players it’s really important for us to always keep one eye on what career we are going to do post rugby so to be offered opportunities to gain experience and insight into a wide variety of industries through the RPA whilst still playing is invaluable.”

ed jackson

From our members

Ed Jackson

Restart Rugby Trustee, former Wasps + Bath Rugby

“The support I have received from the RPA and Restart from day one has been incredible. It made such a difference to my recovery and how positive and motivated you see me today.”

Chris Ashton Testimonial Picture

From our members

Chris Ashton

Former Premiership Rugby Winger

"Professional rugby will always come with its highs and lows. At a time of need the RPA was there to help me get back on track."