RPA position on Salary Cap investigation


The Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) has noted the recent release from Premiership Rugby on the Salary Cap with interest.

As has been consistently reiterated, The RPA and its members support the Salary Cap and believe that the Cap is essential to protecting the long-term financial viability of the Aviva Premiership Clubs and therefore the livelihoods of our members. Earlier this year RPA Group CEO, Damian Hopley, stated that any proven breaches of the Salary Cap must be exposed and sanctioned accordingly and this still holds true.

He added: “The players allow the artificial restraint of their salaries through the Salary Cap, which is linked to the Collective Revenue levels of Premiership Rugby. It is therefore very equitable that, in return, the players must be given full assurances that the policing of the Cap is of an appropriate level of rigour and that the integrity of the competition and the sport is upheld.”