Career Moves: Lee Mears


We catch up with former England, British & Irish Lions and Bath hooker, Lee Mears, to find out exactly what the 37-year-old has been up to since his playing days.

Firstly Lee, how do you make your living?
I’m an Executive Coach for Preston Associates in London, working with both individuals and teams covering everything from strategy to leadership, the whole spectrum.

How did you break into the industry?
I was very lucky, bumping into a couple of guys who were working in that industry. One in particular, David Scotland, and also Simon Wilsher, took me through their coaching journey and I enjoyed it so much that I looked into it a bit more. I’d done a leadership and management degree while I was playing so I decided to do a post-graduate degree at Chester University. I was getting more and more interested in business coaching, while being coached myself by David. After completing my post-grad, I was taken on by David’s firm.

How did a career as a rugby player help prepare you for your role?
Rugby gives you lots transferable skills. It teaches you to be very good at self-reflection, you get used to being critiqued and you have that will to win. As a player, you want to get better every day and that really resonates in the business world. There’s no fear of failure because in sport you fail every few weeks when you lose a game. But then you pick yourself up and go through what was good and what wasn’t good. You really examine the bits of performance that need to be improved and then move on. That’s the bit for me at the moment that people in the business world really want to hear more about.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The satisfaction you get when you help someone and you move them forward and help them grow is huge. Coaching is what I was subjected to for most of my life but I really enjoy it.