Rhead Group Scores with the RPA & Leicester Tigers


During a workshop organised in conjunction with The Rugby Players Association (RPA), Rhead Group demonstrated that many of the skills needed to win at rugby, are identical to those required to construct major infrastructure projects such as power stations and stadiums.

First team players, including Toby Flood, Thomas Waldrom, Dan Bowden, Sam Harrison, Julian Salvi, Scott Hamilton, Marcus Ayerza and Blaine Scully attended the event at the club grounds.

Via a series of discussions Rhead Group Directors Spencer Thompson, Cameron Tonkin and Guy Mercer brought the realities of project management to life.

  • ‘The Basics of Project Management’ looked at building a bus shelter or nuclear power station and the similarities and differences between the two.
  • ‘Transferable Skills’ identified the rugby skills highly valued in the workplace such as leadership, personnel management, media, and communications.
  • ‘Mentoring Programmes’ are mechanisms through which established project management professionals in Rhead Group and the wider industry can mentor sports players seeking a career in project management.
  • ‘Professional Career Development’ reviewed the organisations and associations that offer professional development for players wanting a career in project management.

Lynsey Ward of the RPA said that, “This was a very positive turnout of players and many of them will undoubtedly want to learn and participate more in careers in project management. We hope to work with Rhead Group on developing some additional support programmes going forward.

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