The RPA is committed to supporting you while you are playing and once you hang up your boots. Whether you are retiring prematurely through injury or your career has come to a natural end, transition can be an extremely tough process.

The RPA is here to support you every step of the way to help ensure your transition from the game a positive experience. Join the RPA Club and learn more about the support that is available through our dedicated Transition Manager, Josh Frape on 07725 142065 or

Every player’s experience of transition is different. For some it is smooth and straight forward, for others it can be a really challenging time. What is true in most cases is that preparation makes it a lot easier to cope with.

Your support doesn’t end here; free membership of the RPA Club means you have access to:

  • A dedicated RPA Club Transition Manager
  • Independent advice
  • Transition support – career advice, job search
  • RPA Member Offers – exclusive discounts and deals
  • Access to support from the RPA’s official charity, Restart
  • Invites to RPA social events
  • Access to the RPA 24/7 confidential counselling service