Aviva Insight Programme


Aviva’s Global CEO Mark Wilson and Board Director Michael Hawker hosted a unique opportunity for 10 RPA members to learn more about business at the top level.

As part of the RPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP), players from across London were given a detailed insight into the challenges of leading a multinational company as well as progressing their careers in the competitive world of business.

The RPA Player Development Programme aims to individually assist players in their personal and professional development and provide them with skills for a smooth transition into life after rugby.

RPA Player Rep for Harlequins, Mark Lambert, was impressed with what the evening had to offer: “Our evening at Aviva was a unique opportunity to meet two high achieving and powerful individuals. We were given an insight into leadership, teamwork and hard work that would simply not have been possible if it wasn’t for the work of the RPA.”

Mark and Michael discussed how they made it to their positions, provided suggestions for what the players could do now to help progress and discussed what they look out for in people in relation to key strengths. They also discussed the subtleties between Leadership and Management in addition to decision making and taking risks.

London Wasps centre and RPA Player Rep, Chris Bell, believed the advice given to the players was invaluable: “To be given the chance to speak to two individuals in such highly regarded and powerful roles was a fantastic opportunity for all of us. Mark and Michael were extremely honest in their opinions and offered some great advice on how each of us can move forward in our careers and be successful once our playing days come to an end.

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