Ted Hill - Life After Worcester

In the next of our series of interviews with former Wasps and Worcester players, we've spoken to former Warrior, now Bath Rugby player Ted Hill about how he has found the last six months...

How have you found the last few months emotionally and mentally?

It’s been a difficult situation. Obviously, what happened with Worcester was not what anyone wanted to happen. I thought there was a bit of carelessness from multiple different angles, but I thought the RPA massively helped. Not just in terms of the players, but for everyone in that situation. They did such a good job to be able to link us with people who could help out with legal stuff. They made something that was a bit mentally crazy a little bit easier, which is great, and what they are there for. It’s great they were able to do such a great job.

It was a difficult scenario, but I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones to be able to carry on playing my rugby in the Premiership and carry on playing at a really good level, which I know that players across Worcester and Wasps haven’t been able to continue playing, so I consider myself in a very lucky position to do so.

What were your first thoughts and feelings when the liquidation of WRFC Players was confirmed?

I think it was just one of those where you never thought it would get to that point, and you never thought it would happen. But very quickly, it becomes to the point where you have to switch your mindset over quickly and you have to think “Okay, what’s next for me?” it’s your job at the end of the day and you have to look for new employment. You can’t sit around moping too much for too long, otherwise things get taken away from you.

You can take a moment to be upset for the club, the fact you weren’t going to play with your teammates again and obviously being upset for the fans too given it was a hometown club, so you have to take a moment to understand that but it’s about trying to move on as quickly as possible as it’s your livelihood.

What’s the impact has this had on your family and how helpful have they been to you over the last few months?

It’s had a huge impact. I think any sort of professional sports person would say the same, family plays a massive part of for them. I’m living with my girlfriend now, we moved into a new house, and she’s been great. She’s been very supportive, and I just want her to be happy, and she is. That takes a lot off your shoulders. The support from her and my parents has been great.

They’ve constantly asked after me and want me to be happy and in the best position. They’ve been helpful and great for the whole thing.