Premiership urged to adopt free transfer list as salary cap squeeze leaves record 80 players out of contract

Speaking to the Hugh Godwin from the i, RPA Head of Player Affairs Christian Day spoke about how the RPA are helping those players out of contract...

The Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) is urging clubs to help create a list of players who are free agents, after a record number of 80 Premiership players, mainly in the middle-earning bracket, were left without contracts this summer.

England internationals Mike Brown, Nathan Hughes and Luther Burrell are among the players still looking for a club, but the figure of 80 potentially seeking a contract in another league or a career outside of rugby is dominated by the so-called “squeezed middle” of quality journeymen and non-internationals.

It speaks to the effects of the Premiership’s salary cap being cut from £6.4millon to £5m last year and the 13 clubs tightening their financial belts.