Bristol Bears' Jake Heenan and Luke Morahan wins third Vodafone Business Gain Line Award for 2021/22 Season

The Rugby Players Association (RPA) is delighted to announce Jake Heenan and Luke Morahan of Bristol Bears as the worthy recipients of this season’s third RPA Vodafone Business Gain Line Award.

The RPA Vodafone Business Gain Line Award was created to support current and former players of the game in their off the field business ventures.

Heenan and Morahan launched their café shop “Burra” back in March 2021 following a conversation between the pair towards the end of 2020. It is an antipodean café, which focuses on high quality coffee and excellent customer service. It also aims to promote an ethical lifestyle through organic produce and food sourced locally. The pair teamed up with local coffee roastery Extract Coffee to ensure their had the best coffee they could.

The café has recently expanded to a second site in Bristol, with the aim of developing these two branches into high quality establishments.

On winning the award, Heenan and Morahan said: "It is so cool to be given this recognition. Thinking of all the learnings we have come through, the good and the bad - we have always tried to deliver not the best we could, but the best the business could. It is nice to get a little bit of formal recognition for it.

Starting a business is quite a daunting thing to do, especially while you are still playing, you know you don't anticipate having the time or necessarily the disposable income, so any initiative that encourages players to start a business or to start thinking about it are huge.”

Heenan and Morahan’s RPA Development Manager, Matt Leek, said: “I nominated Luke and Jake for their hard work, commitment, and dedication to their personal development overall, but also their drive to get the second café open has been nothing short of inspirational. I was personally touched by the duo’s plan and drive to inspire the local community and make some real impact on others, and I really felt that when talking to staff and customers.”

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Penny Maltby-Payne - RPA Head of Communications

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