Ted Hill - November's 15 Under 23 MVP of the Month

We spoke to November's 15 Under 23 MVP of the Month winner Ted Hill about the month, and how he has settled into life at Bath!

Congratulations on winning November’s 15 Under 23 MVP of the Month. How does it feel?

Yeah, it's obviously nice to get the recognition for something like that, obviously to be able to help my new team out in any way possible is great, so it's I'm glad I've seen that people are recognising that I'm doing well.

How nice is it there is an award really targeting young emerging players like yourself?

I think it is very important. I think if you look across the Premiership at the moment, there are some great young players around and it’s great to be able to reward those guys for some really outstanding play, and it gives them a chance to get in the spotlight a bit to get some well-deserved praise.

How have you settled into life at Bath?

It has been a challenge, just in terms of getting everything sorted and understanding and getting to know my new teammates and coaches. But Bath have been great, they’ve been unbelievable, and I’ve got to know them all pretty well over the last few months. It was shame what happened at Worcester, but they’ve made the transition very easy. Plus, it’s an exciting place to play rugby so I couldn’t be happier to be honest!

You’ve got several former Worcester players who have joined you at Bath, has that made life easier for you having a of familiar faces around the place?

Yeah, definitely. It's nice to have those guys there. You’ve got the past and present here of Worcester players actually. So, the present players being Ollie Lawrence, Fergus Lee-Warner, Val Morozov and Billy Searle, it’s great to be around them and it makes the whole thing very easy. You’ve then got some of the ‘older’ faces too, so Niall Annett and GJ Van Velze – it's been good to catch up with those guys too.

Has there been one moment that really stood out for you in November?

I’d have to say that Leicester game. It was a great game for us. We probably struggled a little bit in the first half, they got a lot of momentum in terms of the way of their carries, but we fought back had a great result at the end. And then with Will Butt going over in the corner for that try, it was unbelievable, the atmosphere was amazing.