RPA Launch Retired Players Membership

The Rugby Players Association (RPA) have today launched RPA Retired Players, a brand-new version of their membership, exclusively open to retired members.

The expanded membership, previously known as the RPA Club, is open exclusively to former RPA members when they retire or have retired, from professional rugby, and aims to give retired members wide-ranging support, whether transitioning out of the game or having been retired for a long period of time already.

This is a well-discussed area of the sport, and the RPA is proud to be the organisation proactively stepping into this space, with an ambition of becoming the first port of call for retired and retiring players.

Every player's experience of transition is different; no journey will be the same, but it is an enormous change for every retiring individual, and it can be an extremely challenging time. However, being able to prepare for the future and have support available throughout makes it much easier to cope with. The RPA understands this and with our Retired Player Membership, we will offer specialised support to members at all stages of their transition journey.

The RPA Retired Players Membership includes a host of benefits such as dedicated support from James Bailey, the RPA’s new Wellbeing & Transition Manager, access to the RPA Retired Players Network (including access to Gyms & Nutritional support, with more to be launched in coming months) and 24/7 Mental Health Support.

This expanded membership offering will cost £52 a year.

Mark Lambert, RPA’s Head of Rugby Policy, said: “Retired players is an area of support that the RPA wants to improve and increase. Having retired myself I know how tough it can be, not only do you lose that easy access to health and fitness facilities, but also that social belonging.

The aim of our Retired Player membership and Retired Player Network is to try and recreate that all important support and connection for players.”

There are also exciting changes of leadership and direction coming for the RPA as a whole in the next few weeks which our valued retired player community will have an opportunity to be involved in.

To sign up for the RPA Retired Players Membership, click here

Alternatively, if you have any questions about the membership, email James Bailey (jbailey@therpa.co.uk) or Natalie Beckett, Head of Membership Services (nbeckett@therpa.co.uk).