RPA Announces General Secretary Role and Election

Following the departure of Damian Hopley MBE back in August, a detailed review of the RPA’s CEO role and the business has been underway.

After careful consideration, the decision has been made to separate the core elements of the previous CEO role into two components: General Secretary of the Trade Union and the Commercial and Operational aspects of running the business.

As part of this process, a General Secretary election will be taking place, with the successful candidate taking on the role of Damian’s replacement.

The General Secretary is responsible to the RPA Players Board and RPA Management Board through the RPA Chair and Chair of the Management Board and will be a full-time employee of the Association and will therefore need to resign or negotiate an appropriate period of absence from their current Employment to take on the role of RPA General Secretary.

The RPA General Secretary shall be elected by the Members at least every five years and will be expected to attend all Board meetings, as well as attending all General Meetings of the Association and relevant external boards, committees and working groups.

This position shall be elected by current members of the RPA. The General Secretary shall be a full-time paid employee of the Association with salary and conditions of service as determined by the RPA Remuneration Committee.

The General Secretary works with the RPA staff and members to ensure that the RPA can achieve the goals set by the RPA Players Board and RPA Management Board, and remains true to its mission, vision, and values.

To stand for election, you must either be:

a) a current player

b) be a retired player (who was a fully signed up member in the last year of your playing career) 

Read the Brochure and Job Description Here

To put yourself forward for nomination, please email elections@therpa.co.uk. You need to do this by the 5th December. Voting will commence from the 12th.

Please note - to be eligible to stand/vote for the new General Secretary, you need to be a signed up member of the RPA.

Meanwhile, current COO Stuart Munday will take on all responsibilities for the day-to-day business operations of the RPA.