Get To Know: Dave Porecki

RPA Player Representative

Club: London Irish

Position: Hooker

Age: 26

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

First season as an RPA Player Representative, how did you find it?

I loved it, it was fascinating, especially the board meetings. I am a very proactive person and I found it great to have the added responsibility and form a better connection with my teammates. We’ve got a great Development Manager in Kim Johnson and it’s been extremely beneficial to work alongside her and help my peers with whatever they need.

What inspired you to take on this role?

I thought it would be the perfect way to bridge the gap between the players and the system. I wanted to help our players, experience the other side of the game and be a strong voice at the board table. I know first-hand the importance of being proactive away from rugby, and hopefully by being in this role, I can encourage my teammates to grow their lives away from the game, develop their social demeanour and in turn hopefully improve their rugby performance.

How would you describe life as a London Irish player?

It’s a great place to play, especially after earning promotion back to the Premiership. There is no doubt life is easier in the Premiership and personally you want to be playing in the best league in England. The club continues to build a strong culture and structure and we have great coaches who want us to succeed.

You moved over from Australia, what do you love most about living here in the UK?

Tough question. I love the rugby here in the UK. The league is extremely competitive, we have plenty of opportunities to play and the crowds are awesome. Outside of rugby, I love living in London. It’s nice to be able to travel into central London with my partner and explore and find new things to do. The UK is also so close to the rest of Europe and it’s a huge benefit to have the opportunity to jump on a plane for a couple hours and end up in somewhere completely new.

What is your earliest rugby memory?

Playing for my hometown club, the mighty Manly Marlins. I have fond memories of making my way through the age groups, creating a special bond with the club and playing with my best mates every weekend.

Sports idol growing up?

Tatafu Polota-Nau and Wycliff Palu from my time at the Waratahs. They are the two guys who took me under their wing and helped me improve my game. You always remember the people who give up their time when they don’t need to and for those guys to help an academy kid, fresh out of junior footy, was massive and very inspiring as a young fella.

How do you spend your spare time?

I’ve got a young dog, so I treat him better than I treat myself. I’m also doing a diploma in financial trading so that takes up most of my spare time away from rugby.

Favourite holiday destination?

When my partner and I arrived in the UK our first holiday destination was Santorini. It was unbelievable and I just couldn’t believe how picturesque it was. It’s a little pricey, you’ve got to fork out a little bit, but there’s so many things you can do, from riding quad bikes, going on yachts to just swimming and chilling out. I can’t wait to go back.