Matt Hopper Launches Iconic Workspace

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Former Harlequins centre Matt Hopper has teamed up with good friend and former Cardiff Blues and Leicester Tigers lock Iain Dickson to launch Iconic Workspace, a unique start-up company which offers modern spacious office space at some of the best sporting arenas in the UK. We sit down with Matt to find out more.  

Can you explain how Iconic Workspace was established?

Iconic Workspace is an idea which was formed in 2017 over lots of coffee. We wanted to tap into a market which is currently very trendy, having the opportunity to take your workspace to different and unique venues. It was from there we started to think about the dead space at sporting venues and the special atmosphere you find at stadiums around the country. Having played for Harlequins for a long time I initially set up a meeting with the club Chief Executive, David Ellis, to explore the opportunities available at the Stoop. It was a great conversation and we spoke about converting the corporate boxes during the week to unique and exclusive office space for businesses. It required a lot of thought and planning, and we spoke to a designer to better understand how we could make the most of the spaces available to push ahead with the launch. We now offer a range of packages to businesses, which include free parking and bike locking, flexible office configurations, free tea and coffee, unlimited phone call space, super-fast Wi-Fi and printing facilities, a 20% club shop discount, exclusive player access and opportunities to attend a range networking events.  

Launching at the Stoop, is the plan now to expand into more sporting venues?

Absolutely, that’s our main goal. It was extremely important to have the Stoop as our flagship venue. I loved my time playing for Quins and I wanted to remain involved with the club post-rugby. Everyone at the club have been extremely positive towards the idea and it’s been great to work together to successfully launch the business. We are now deep in planning to expand our business into a range of iconic sporting venues in the UK. Hopefully we can replicate the set up at the Stoop and produce a great offering of venues in the next few years.    

What has been the best aspect about launching this business?

It’s been a great learning experience and something which has constantly challenged us. From creating the idea, to formalising a business plan, to speaking to potential clients, marketing the product and ultimately establishing a brand which we feel will be sustainable in the long-term. It’s been very challenging at times, we’ve had to clear many hurdles, but it’s been massively enjoyable and given us all such a buzz of excitement.  

Can you touch on the support you will be providing to Restart Rugby as part of your launch?

Yes, we are extremely excited to be supporting Restart Rugby. We will be dedicating 5% of all profits to the charity. Player welfare and mental health is a topic I have always been extremely interested in and we are very proud to be supporting such an important charity. 

How can you book your workspaces?

The best way to get learn more about what we can offer your business is to visit our website and find the package that best works for you. From there you can drop us an email on or give us a call on 07841 332119 to chat through your workspace needs. Subsequently, you can speak to Harlequins who will also provide information about the opportunities available at the Stoop.  

To find out more and to book your workspace please visit: or follow @iconicworkspace on Twitter or @iconicworkspace on Instagram.