Would you consider doing an adrenaline-fuelled bungee jump? What if you were raising hundreds of pounds for a charity you really wanted to make a difference for?


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About the Bungee Jump


If you think you could take that one step off a bridge, platform or even skyscraper for the greater good, then taking on a bungee jump for Restart is for you!

This high-octane, one-off event is really great for those who only have a small amount of time available. There are no gruelling marathon-training schedules to stick to, and no weekend-long treks – you only need to commit to fundraising and the jump itself. And all in the knowledge that this one small step for you will make a massive difference for the charity you have picked.

If you get a group together you could all do a jump to raise even more money and have a great day out with your friends or colleagues. Or you could just as easily go solo. 

Then all you need to do is find a suitably terrifying bungee jump to take on, and we have a few ideas for you right here for starters. Think beyond jumping off a crane at your local street fair, as there are some truly epic bungee jumps on offer around the UK and abroad to get your adrenaline surging and the donations pouring in.

Working with the UK Bungee Club, you can take part in Bungees all year round, all over the UK in the below locations:

  • London (at the O2 Arena!)
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Brighton
  • Windsor
  • Gloucester
  • Yorkshire
  • Middlesborough
  • Cambridge
  • Rotherham
  • Belfast


How we'll support you

We want to be with you throughout your bungee jumping journey to make it an experience you'll never forget.

When you sign up, you'll get:

  • a Restart Rugby t-shirt to help you look the part
  • a welcome pack containing fundraising tips and materials to help you reach your goal
  • support from our events team.


Join #teamrestart


Need some help?

If you have any questions about skydiving for us, get in touch with our friendly fundraising team. 

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