RPA and RPA Diversity and Inclusion Board Statement

On behalf of the RPA and RPA Diversity and Inclusion Board:

We applaud Luther Burrell for his decision to talk out about the racism he has encountered during his playing career. We have spoken to him and he knows he has our full support moving forward.  

There is no place for the language used against Luther, and the attitudes that reveals, either in rugby or broader society. 

His honest revelations only highlight the game’s need for meaningful conversations and education on what positive inclusive cultures should be.

As our players have consistently said, positive change only comes through open dialogue from top to bottom in organisations, including players and all other groups. 

There has clearly never been a better time for the education and data collection which will be rolled out across the men’s and women’s elite game in the coming season. 

If you have been affected or require support please contact your Development Manager (if an RPA member), or Mark Lambert (mlambert@therpa.co.uk). For 24/7 mental health support you can contact Cognacity on 01373 858080. The RFU also have a confidential Speak Up hotline via email: speakup@rfu.com.