RPA partner with Prospect Tree Mortgages

The Rugby Players Association (RPA) have today announced a new partnership with Prospect Tree Mortgages (PTM) on a one year member offer deal. 

Prospect Tree Mortgages have considerable experience in successfully obtaining mortgages for Rugby players playing both codes in the UK, factoring in the uniqueness of their income streams often from many sources and the variances of playing contracts in the professional sporting world whether is be your first or last contract. Enjoying independent status means the widest possible choice of lenders is available to you and we can also support expatriates and foreign nationals wishing to finance UK property purchases.

Above helping players secure the best possible mortage, the company is also committed to supporting the education of all RPA Members to ensure they are fully prepared prior to buying property regardless of their current position. 
Prospect Tree Mortgages Director Nick Daynes said, "We are extremely proud and delighted to partner with The RPA in not only making our expertise available to all members and staff, but actively engaging with those who may see this business area as a possible post rugby career path".
Gaia Bursell, RPA Head of Commercial and Team England commented: "Taking the stress out of sourcing a mortgage and getting a great deal is what everyone looks for in a mortgage broker and the team at Prospect Tree Mortgages do just that. They also specialise in the careers of sports people, which makes them the ideal partner for RPA members looking to expand their knowledge in this area".
For more information on Prospect Tree Mortgages go to https://www.ptmortgagesltd.co.uk/

About the Rugby Players Association (RPA)

The Rugby Players Association is the representative body and collective voice of professional rugby players in England. We represent more than 800 male and female current rugby players, as well as more than 400 former players.
It is our mission to support, promote and protect the interests of our members, from the moment they sign their first professional contracts, throughout their playing careers, and beyond as they embark on the next phase of their lives.

Our members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including: independent representation; legal advice; personal and professional development; playing insurance; education; confidential counselling; transition support; and much more. Members can also access the support of our official charity, Restart, in the event of serious illness, injury or hardship.

The RPA has also acted as the exclusive commercial representative of the England Team since 2004 and performs the following duties on behalf of Team England: Negotiation of the Elite Players Squad Contract, England and Saxons match fees, England team win bonuses and Image Rights payments with the RFU.

For more information about the Rugby Players Association, please visit www.theRPA.co.uk