2018/19 Gain Line Report

The 2018/19 Gain Line Annual Report has highlighted over 80% of RPA members are engaged in their own development. Demand for personal development opportunities has never been higher and the progress our members are making in this crucial area, especially during this time of adversity, is at its highest in the history of the Gain Line Programme.

Player engagement in their own personal development has nearly tripled since 2010, which highlights the need for the vital support of the RPA's outstanding team of Development Managers. They work in the clubs (and now from home) on a daily basis to develop the person behind the player.

Their trusted relationships with players and clubs and regular communication provide a consistent quality of wellbeing support and access to personal development opportunities, and this continues at a time of considerable uncertainty due to COVID-19. The mental and physical wellbeing of our players continues to be at the heart of our work and is even more vital during this current crisis.

Development Managers support our players on a 1:1 basis and players have access to external wellbeing, financial advice and also expert psychological support through the RPA 24/7 Confidential Counselling Service. Below you will find the Gain Line Annual Report from the 2018/19 season illustrating the positive and far-reaching impact of the Gain Line programme.

Please CLICK HERE to read the RPA’s Gain Line Programme Annual Report for the 2018/19 Season. The Rugby Players' Association (RPA) Gain Line Programme provides essential wellbeing and personal development support to RPA members, including off-field education, personal development, career transition opportunities and welfare support. This report:

  • Highlights the work undertaken by the RPA’s team of Development Managers in collaboration with clubs in support of RPA members in 2018/19;
  • Highlights factors that influence player engagement in their own personal development; and
  • Reports on player welfare support and awareness raising initiatives.

For more information on or to work with the RPA on the Gain Line Programme please contact Ben McGregor, Head of Gain Line: bmcgregor@theRPA.co.uk.