Sean Cox trades with AFEX


London Irish second-row, Sean Cox recently completed a work experience placement with The RPA Business Club Member, AFEX.

Firstly Sean please can you explain what your recent work experience at AFEX involved?

Well a few months ago I got in touch with my RPA Player Development Manager at London Irish, Budge Pountney about doing some work experience in the financial services sector. He was more than happy to help and put me in touch with Ed Beaumont and Emily Levoir from AFEX. I was injured at the time, therefore it was a nice distraction from the frustration of being unavailable for selection. Ed and Emily were fantastic and scheduled for me to come in every Wednesday and help Ed on the options and derivatives desk.

Can you describe what an average Wednesday at AFEX involved?

It’s all highly regulated, I wasn’t actually allowed to conduct any of the trades therefore I spent my Wednesday’s learning how the other guys work. As I’m currently studying for my Investment and Management Certificate, it was a major help to enter the office and see first-hand how the areas I’ve been studying can be applied in the workplace.

During your time there, the RPA and AFEX joined forces for the inaugural Restart Trading Day, did you enjoy being part of the event?

It was a fantastic event and really good fun. The office had an ever better vibe than you would usually find and the staff were all so excited to have the rugby players attending. Not to mention how committed and involved each of the players were to test their hand at trading. All in all it was a very fun afternoon for everyone involved and obviously the main thing is that we raised over £14,000 for Restart.

Do you think your experience will inspire more guys to follow you down the financial services path?

Absolutely! A few guys have already talked to me about the experience and how to organise some time working at the AFEX Offices. I can’t recommend the team there highly enough. They are trying to develop a very structured work experience programme for the players as part of their relationship with The RPA, and to be honest, the more players who take opportunities like these, the better off the game will be.

To find out more about how you can benefit from AFEX’s services please visit For RPA Members interested in exploring work experience placements with AFEX please contact your Player Development Manager.

Sean is looking for further opportunities in different financial sectors, so please get in touch via his LinkedIn page.