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THE results of the 2011-12 season England Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project by the RFU, Premiership Rugby and the RPA (Rugby Players’ Association) were released today.

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RFU_Injury Audit 2013_Web_final

The England Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project  is the most comprehensive and longest running injury surveillance study in elite rugby, bringing together experts from the medical and conditioning professions to conduct detailed research and injury analysis of Aviva Premiership Rugby and England international rugby players to put their welfare at the forefront of the game.

Dr Simon Kemp, Head of Sports Medicine at the RFU and Chair of the England Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project Steering Group that produced the report, said: “The study findings show that the Injury risk in professional rugby in England remains stable but there is still potential to further reduce the risk of injury, particularly during training, a potentially controllable environment where a third of all injuries currently occur.

“While concussion is now the most common Aviva Premiership Rugby match injury, this is as a result of a decrease in other injuries. We have worked hard to ensure that we have a world-leading concussion management policy in place. Awareness of the importance of the correct management of the concussed player continues to grow, the Pitch Side Concussion Assessment trial is working well and we are specifically studying the time course of players recovery from concussion this season to ensure that our guidelines and advice to players can be properly evidenced based.

“Next season we will for the first time be analysing time lost as a result of illness as well as injury and piloting a more detailed analysis of how training load affects injury risk.