RPA Entrepreneurs Club with London Welsh and Nine Feet Tall

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The Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) recently teamed up with business and management consultants, Nine Feet Tall, to deliver the very first ‘RPA Entrepreneurs Club’ to a large and enthusiastic group of London Welsh players.

Organised as part of the RPA Player Development Programme, London Welsh were treated to an hour long interactive seminar at their Old Deer Park training base in West London.

In the first of four sessions to be presented by Nine Feet Tall, the players were presented an intriguing session by experienced consultant, Huw Jones.

Huw started the seminar by explaining his role and the purpose of Nine Feet Tall before asking each and every player around the circle their own personal goals within the business world.

As rugby remains only a short chapter in a much longer journey, Huw spoke to the players about making the most of their opportunities, before outlining the basic planning process that should be taken when starting a new business.

The process looked at the vital transferable skills required in business, while also providing an overview of the key planning and financial terms, as well as information regarding turnover and profit.

Next up the players were divided into two groups for a range of different group activities to encourage conversation and engagement regarding business and management fundamentals.

One activity that caused plenty of enjoyment was when both groups were handed the task of devising the financial strategy and potential costs involved with making, supplying and delivering a pizza to the RPA offices in Twickenham.

While the concept seemed easy at first, both groups soon found themselves working their way through a tricky estimation of how much each stage of the process would cost.

It was from this research and planning, that they were then able to find the best possible price for the pizza and then also discover any potential profits.

With the session drawing to a close, both groups were called back to the circle to hear Huw’s final piece of advice, before players were given the opportunity to express their own thoughts and then ask any remaining questions.

One person delighted with the outcome of the session was RPA Development Manager for London Welsh, Caroline Guthrie who worked hard to get the project off the ground.

“It was fantastic to witness each and every player contribute and play a part in each topic and activity today. I thought all the guys were fully engaged and made the effort to attend, which is always very rewarding. To see such a strong number of players in attendance, emphasised not only the great work the RPA continues to do but also contributes to the already highly credible service that Nine Feet Tall provide. On behalf of all the players that attended today and the RPA, I would like to thank Nine Feet Tall and in particular Huw Jones for a truly insightful and invaluable session. I’m looking forward to the next sessions and seeing the players really benefit and develop from being a part of the Entrepreneurs Club.