Name: Oliver Wren

Position: Manager of Strategic Japanese Accounts

Years spent at the company: 6 months (UK)

Previous work experience: Ricoh Canada Government sales

Hobbies / passions: Sport, Food


How did you get started in your chosen career?

After my ice hockey career I decided to get involved in sales, it seemed like a natural decision because you can work in a team environment.

What does your role involve?

My role is a combination of acquiring new business for Ricoh UK and also managing Strategic Japanese Accounts within the UK and London.

Can you describe a typical day?

A typical day for me would consist of meeting with customers at Ricoh’s office in Broadgate Tower or at their place of business throughout the London area. During the day I would also manage my business pipeline and maintain my current customers’ accounts by solving any problems that may arise during the course of the day.

What’s been an enjoyable aspect of your role?

One of the most enjoyable things I have experienced in my role was taking a customer to a West Ham United game at Upton Park. It was a mixture of building a solid relationship with a large and important client and also getting to combine my work with my passion for sports.

Does your company offer work experience opportunities? How could these benefit RPA members?

We do offer work experience, I know this because we currently have a few young people in the office taking advantage of this opportunity. I think this would benefit anyone when prospecting for a job. It allows insight into the working world and also into the culture of a company.

What advice would you give to a player wanting to enter your industry post-sport?

My advice to a player wanting to enter this industry would be to maintain your edge. The work ethic you used to become a high level athlete will serve you well in your transition into Ricoh. I would recommend that any athlete put Ricoh on the top of your list when prospecting for a new opportunity. The team atmosphere and the passion for camaraderie and sports in general is palpable in the office and it is a truly exceptional place to work.

Salary expectations for your chosen industry (not specific to your current role – general guide)?

This is tricky, sports at many levels can be quite lucrative, and in comparison a regular job can pale in comparison. However in a sales-based profession with uncapped commission, your pay cheque can reach extreme peaks. It is truly in the hands of the employee what the numbers look like at the end of each month. Much like sports the contracts are not handed to you, if you want to earn be prepared to expend time, energy and the results will follow.

For work experience opportunities please speak to your RPA Personal Development Manager.

About Ricoh

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