RFU and RPA agree new four-year EPS Deal


The RFU and RPA have agreed a new four-year Elite Player Squad (EPS) deal from 2016 to 2020.

The financial terms of the deal are confidential. The deal includes match fees, training fees, image rights payments and squad performance bonuses.

Ian Ritchie, RFU CEO commented: “These are exciting times for English Rugby, and the deal offers a significant uplift from the previous deal. We are delighted to have finalised a four-year agreement with the players ahead of the first test in the Old Mutual Wealth Series tomorrow. We would like to thank the RPA for their positive and constructive contribution to the new deal.”

Damian Hopley, RPA Group CEO commented: “This has been an outstanding year for English rugby and this enhanced deal recognises the players’ key role in helping to increase revenues and participation across the entire game. As we always remind our members, they are one serious injury away from finishing their careers, so we believe this new contract will provide improved security for those fortunate enough to pull on the England shirt. We would like to place on record our thanks to the RFU for the transparency and good faith they demonstrated throughout these collaborative negotiations.”