Redford Pennycook gains Project Management Insight with Rhead Group


At the end of July Redford Pennycook, former flanker for Bristol Rugby, visited Iron Acton, one of National Grid’s Integrated Security Sites currently under construction, where Rhead Group is providing project management and construction supervision for the delivery of the design and build contracts.

The visit was organised after Redford attended one of the Project Management Insight sessions organised by Rhead Group  as part of its mentoring programme with The RPA. Reford was given a full tour of the site and spoke to a variety of the Rhead Group team about their roles and the transferable skills Redford has developed during his rugby career that could be applied on a project like Iron Acton.

Rhead Group’s Site Assurance Manager, who ensures the construction contractors operate in line with the contract and to the high standards of safety and quality demanded by National Grid, discussed the controls in place and the regime he enforces as well as the multiple stakeholders he liaises with and the number of checks and reports he has to conduct as part of his role to demonstrate the varied nature of responsibilities and skills needed to successfully deliver a major construction project.

Following the visit, Redford said: “The visit to Iron Acton allowed me to see first-hand how Rhead Group manage construction on a busy and operational energy site.  It was really useful to get an insight into the workings of a construction site and the roles and responsibilities of the various levels of project management involved.  I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and really feel that this could be where my future lies.

“I’m now looking forward to building on this and understanding the next steps for me to explore a career in project management and am thankful for the support and encouragement Rhead Group has given me. It really shows that the skills we gain as professional rugby players can be transferred to the successful delivery of major projects.

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