Preserving the future


Former Harlequins and Saracens’ hooker, Matt Cairns, retired from rugby in 2012 due to a persistent ankle injury. Since his retirement he’s been a busy man, he has not only been working as a Financial Adviser but he has now joined his brother Andrew in heading up the family business, Mammy Jamia’s.

The Players’ Room caught up with Matt to discuss the success of Mammy Jamia’s and how he has coped with 16 hour days and the transition into life after rugby.

So Matt, Mammy Jamia’s seems to have really taken off recently, for those who don’t know please can you give us an overview of what the product is all about?

“First and foremost I’m a Financial Adviser, I’m part of business called Sporting Partnerships, and that’s my full-time day job. However about four years ago my brother, Andrew and his wife Sajmira, developed Mammy Jamia’s. It’s all based on his mother-in-laws recipe for homemade fig jam, he tried it and thought it was amazing and after a bit of research discovered there was nothing like it on the market.

“As a result of this they decided to put the preserve into production and then sell the produce at an indoor market in Cheshire. It was so popular they ended up selling 600 jars in seven weeks. Andrew also conducted some market research during that time and took the results and preserve to some of the county’s leading supermarket chains to pitch to them. From there Mammy Jamia’s is now featured in Waitrose, Tesco, Booths, Ocado, Asada and it is also used on British Airways first class flights. Things have gone from strength to strength and Andrew asked me to come on board about 12 months ago and we’re now looking at growing the business globally.

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