Players are encouraged to seek further and higher education. 18+ plus education can cover a wide range of requests from players; some players may want to revisit their GCSEs and A Levels, others seek to pursue under graduate courses and a smaller number pursue post graduate qualifications.

On a case by case basis the Player Development Manager works with the players to identify the most appropriate course and college/university that fits into their career plans and works around their professional rugby schedule.

Universities and Colleges don’t necessary need to be in close proximity to the club as flexible programmes are becoming more available to players in some subject areas.

Open University is also a popular choice but the development of national initiatives remains a priority and the programme has recently offered a distance learning and flexible BA in Leadership and Management at Northumbria University which allows players to fit their studies around their rugby rather than the other way around.

In 2012 players also took advantage of BA Sports Management made available through FIFPRO as a joint venture with the PFA.

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