The aims of the RPA education on anti-corruption and betting integrity are:

  • to provide players with clarity on what they can and can’t bet on;
  • to raise awareness of RFU and World Rugby regulations and the law regarding anti-corruption; and
  • the consequences of prolonged gambling and addiction.

To briefly recap on what you cannot do as a professional player under World Rugby regulations:

  • YOU CANNOT bet on any rugby match (or ask anyone to place a bet for you);
  • YOU CANNOT misuse or pass on inside information e.g. details of injuries, selection, etc. if not already public knowledge;
  • YOU CANNOT accept money or gifts from anyone who is betting on rugby or in return for giving inside information or under-performing in a match;
  • YOU CANNOT fix or attempt to fix any part of a match;

DO report anything suspicious at all – to your team manager or the RFU;

Bookmakers (online and betting shops) are on high alert for any hint of betting irregularity and work very closely with the RFU and the police to ensure that the integrity of the game is upheld. They hold a huge amount of information on betting activities and those making bets.

What are the potential consequences of getting it wrong? They are potentially HUGE:

  • Criminal charges
  • Playing bans – up to a life ban
  • Fines
  • MASSIVE reputational damage


Where can you turn to if you have concerns on any betting issue? The LPP 24/7 confidential counseling service – 01373858080 or your RPA Player Development Manager.

Further information on anti-corruption is available via the RPA’s anti-corruption module. To access the module, please speak to your Player Development Manager.

You can access more information through the following sites: