• This is a very popular route for players so the more experience and qualifications you have the stronger the candidate.
  • Do some work in a school to find out how things are run in a sports department and the administration aspect of the job
  • Gain an RFU level 2 and/or level 3 qualification
  • Look at other sports you can gain a basic qualification in e.g. cricket, athletics, tennis, swimming
  • If you want to teach a subject the general requirement is a degree followed by a PGCE or GTP.
  • See what other qualifications would benefit you e.g. Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning, leadership, management, mentoring etc…
  • The RPA runs a Schools Master Rugby Course which focuses on all of aspects of school life.
  • Visit www.education.gov.uk/get-into-teaching

Talk to your PDM for more information if you are interested in this area.