As part of the RPA Player Development Programme (PDP) members receive career planning advice from their Player Development Manager (PDM). The message is clear:

This is your career, explore and embrace it.

Career Planning involves getting an idea of what players would like to do when they retire and putting things in place now to allow for a smooth transition. Sitting down to create a plan with their PDM is advised as this can benefit players greatly.

The RPA’s Player Development Managers (PDMs) work with players on a one- to-one basis to help players identify their second career.  At the PDM’s disposal are a number of tools and resources that help players explore and identify pathways. The diagram below typifies the areas that maybe covered as the player explores himself and the world of work.

  • One of the key areas of career exploration is the identification of transferable skills such as:
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Leadership
  • Achieving goals
  • Relationship building

These are sought after by employers and more often than not players don’t realise their potential and what they can offer.

Players are encouraged to attend career days and networking events put on through the RPA. In some situations players have the opportunity to work at organisations during their spare time; this helps players with identifying career choices and gain valuable experience

The programme has a number of organisations that offer opportunities for players to explore and gain experience; this is evident with our partners Aviva, Computacenter and HSBC. The programme also has relationships with a number of specialist recruitment agencies that are on hand to provide advice and offer employment opportunities for retiring players.

The Player Development Managers’ work with players on devising job search techniques, the creation of CV and preparation for interviews – ideally this is done in advance of players retiring, however involuntary retirement occurs frequently and the players are fully supported by the Player Development Manager as they manage the transition out of professional sport into the world of work.

It is important for players to do their own research and look at recruitment websites, as well as the internet to gain an idea of what is required for specific jobs. This gives them a good indication of pathways, job descriptions, employment and industry requirements, necessary qualifications, skills, salary, responsibilities etc.

Players have access to a range of career planning tools and assessments that can help them identify potential careers and industry sectors to explore.

Below are some career avenues that are popular amongst rugby players and some advice into how to get into them, what may be required and useful resources. For more information, click the relevant box.

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These are just a few websites you could research…