Phil prepares for life after rugby


Preparing to retire in your 30s is not something that many people have to think about. However when you’re a professional rugby player it is most definitely at the forefront of your mind. Northampton Saints and England star, Phil Dowson, has been planning for the next stage of his career for the last 5 years.

In 2008, at the age of 27 Phil, who was then playing for Newcastle Falcons started his own print consumables business, Nth Degree Imaging Ltd. Initially the business was very small and he ran it from his home but since he joined the Saints he has started to expand and develop specialist areas of expertise. Phil is the Managing Director and the company now has new investors and partners and he has just appointed a technical Director as well as a full time Sales Director.

The company specialises in developing the very latest offerings in print supply and maintenance. Nth Degree has recently been made an Epson partner and they are also branching out into “augmented reality.