Exeter Players Mix With Business Chiefs

Exeter Networking

The Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) staged a Business Club Networking Evening for Exeter Chiefs at Sapphire Living Space in Exeter on Wednesday 29 January.  A number of Senior and Academy players were present along with representatives from over 50 local businesses. The event is designed to give the players a real insight into the world of commerce and the skills required to succeed in business. It also provided an opportunity for players to mix and engage with local businesses and develop their network of contacts.

The RPA Business Club Networking Evenings are held across the country for players from each Aviva Premiership Club as part of The RPA Player Development Programme (PDP).  Not all players know what they want to do once their playing career comes to an end and RPA networking evenings are designed to help them make initial contacts and explore interests they may have. The programme aims to individually assist players in their personal and professional development and provides them with the skills and information needed to help them decide about their future careers.

RPA Player Development Manager for Exeter, Josh Frape, who was instrumental in staging the event, believes that opportunities like these are invaluable to players: “Last night was designed to be fun and relaxed but with a real cross section of businesses delivering some great insight and important messages.  Held in a great setting which made it ideal for Hoani Tui to show off his culinary skills and the Question & Answer session with Hoani, RPA Players Rep Haydn Thomas and former Chiefs Second Row Chris Bentley gave a great insight into the RPA’s Player Development Programme

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