RPA Business Club Networking Evenings are held across the country for players from each Aviva Premiership Club as part of The RPA Player Development Programme (PDP). This programme aims to assist members in their personal and professional development and provides them with skills for a smooth transition into life after rugby.

As part of the PDP’s career and education scheme, these networking events are designed to give players an opportunity to mix in a business environment and develop contacts while investigating various career paths which will be open to them after rugby.

RPA CEO, Damian Hopley, said: “Initiatives such as these networking evenings are invaluable to helping our players build relationships and understand more about the real world outside of rugby, but also to appreciate they have highly transferable skills that are highly sought after. Research coming out of Australia confirms athletes who have interests away from the game improve their performance considerably by creating a work/life balance. On behalf of all the players present last night, I would like to thank Aviva, who are an excellent partner to The RPA, for all that they are doing in support of the players and of the game.”

Our recent events include:
London – A Glimpse of City Life and Perhaps The Future
The Saints Network

For more information about how to attend or host a networking event, please contact Elissa Middleton:
DD: 020 3053 6683
M: 07821 847 394