Canterbury’s Five Point Social Media Guide


This week we caught up with the RPAs Official Sportwear supplier Canterbury’s Social Media team to find out the importance and role of social media in our members lives. Find out here what they had to say.

Why is Social Media important to me?
Rugby players can use social media to connect with their global fan bases at the touch of a button. Social media platforms allow players to publish information in an interactive and personal way, delivering it straight to fans’ news feeds and inboxes. Social Media gives fans the opportunity to see what players get up to off the pitch, an area they find intriguing. Social Media is a great way to interact with brands as well, making you as a person more approachable and desirable.

What social media platforms will work best for me?
It depends on what type of person you are. Twitter is great for short sharp thoughts and images. Facebook allows you to upload more descriptive and in depth information, along with pictures and more information. Instagram is mainly for images and videos, snapping away through your phone will give you the best results on this platform.

What content should I be uploading?
Different platforms require a different style of posting. Facebook generally can be used for detailed messages, maybe about training regimes with accompanied pictures. Instagram is photo based, maybe with the use of serious or humorous hash tags. Popular uploads will be of training, behind the scenes within your team and what you get up to in your spare time. Twitter is the day to day goings on and opinions of trending news. If you’re unsure about uploading certain content then it is probably best to get in touch with your club.

How often do I update my Social Media?
How often you upload is personal preference, but try and gauge the balance once you start using the different channels. Too much content and people get bored, too little and people lose interest. Instagram and Twitter should be updated regularly however spread Facebook posts out to really ensure your followers do not disengage.

Who would want to follow me?
Global fans in sport and particular rugby are likely to be your main followers. However you might develop a broad demographic of followers, that is the power of social media. In this day and age of reality TV, people are intrigued in day to day lives. A post about what you had for dinner or what you are watching on TV can generate engagement and an increase in your followers.

Social media isn’t to everyone’s taste or preference however it can be incredibly powerful. Your appeal to a brand as a rugby player could increase if you had a strong social media following.

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