Can’t cook, won’t cook


Seven Newcastle Falcons’ Academy players were recently taught some basic kitchen survival skills by professional chef and bespoke caterer Ant Brown as part of The Rugby Players’ Association’s (RPA) Player Development Programme.

The RPA’s Player Development Programme (PDP) was launched in 2004 and aims to individually guide and assist players in their personal and professional development, giving them an opportunity to fulfil their potential and prepare for life after rugby.

The players were taught basic knife skills, kitchen hygiene and nutritional information. They were then shown how to prepare and cook two dishes at The Beacon, Newcastle. The aim of the day was to stress the importance of eating a healthy and well-balanced diet that meets all of their nutritional needs, which is essential to a happy and successful life.

Ant Brown, a former Durham University student and chef at the Michelin starred restaurant, Tom Aikens, in Chelsea said: “Today was a great opportunity to arm these young players with skills that will not only improve their cooking, but also give them the ability to effectively manage their diets. Good health and nutrition is vitally important to the success of the modern professional sports person, so learning some kitchen basics early on, should stand them in good stead for their careers ahead.”

Falcons’ Academy Manager, Mark Laycock, said: “For the modern day rugby player food is fuel and it is vital that our young professionals firstly understand why it’s important to eat well, and secondly how to eat well. The clubs nutritionist Nick Morgan does a great job in educating the players on things like being protein rich and carbohydrate clever at meal times and this session with Ant gave the players some vital how to cook skills which they can take away and start using immediately.

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