Bath Rugby sign up for DIY masterclass


As everyone knows, when you need to get hold of a plumber to deal with the leak that’s turned your kitchen into a swimming pool, the last person you can get hold of is… a plumber.  To counter this universal truth, seven players at Bath Rugby have decided to learn a few new skills to use around their own homes and probably those of the other players as well.

The City of Bath College and the Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) have combined to produce a bespoke, 10 week property maintenance course for the players. During the course, the players will pick up basic skills in plumbing, woodworking, bricklaying, tiling, rendering and plastering. So, if Ross Batty, Dave Attwood, Guy Mercer, Simon Taylor, Nick Koster, Mat Gilbert or Sam Vesty offer to bleed your radiators, don’t automatically be put off. However, Bath Rugby might draw the line at letting them loose on their Farleigh House training facilities!

The course is part of the RPA Player Development Programme (PDP) which is designed to individually support, guide and assist our members in their personal and professional development, provide them with opportunities to fulfill their potential and successfully make the transition to a new career following retirement from the game.

Daisy Walsh, Head of Department of Engineering, Construction and Computing at City of Bath College, said: “It’s been great fun putting together a customised programme for Bath Rugby Club. The tutors and players have had significant input so we have been able to create a course of interest and most importantly of practical use. We really hope the players will want to continue developing their property maintenance skills and we’re always happy to create another course especially for them.

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