Bath Rugby Academy cook up a storm at Bertinet Kitchen


We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When that man is a professional rugby player, making sure he’s getting the right kind of food can be a tricky proposition – especially when he’s cooking for himself.

The pace of modern life can often make us reluctant to spend too much time preparing meals. As such, Bath Rugby Academy Director Danny Grewcock wanted to ensure that his young charges would learn – and value – the art of cooking.

The prestigious Bertinet Kitchen, which has featured on television screens across the globe, has been a culinary haven for Bath Rugby players of late. Organised by The Rugby Players’ Association (RPA), the Academy cohort visited the Bertinet Kitchen to be given a masterclass in cooking from none other than the man himself, Richard Bertinet. During the session, the players’ eyes were opened to the fact that the preparation for a good meal can be equally rigorous as preparing for a big match.

“As a big rugby fan I am happy to do anything I can to support the Bath team,