Agent Update: Matt Hart


Further to the RPA’s update of 12 April 2018 regarding Mr. Matt Hart of Stellar Management Group, and his suspension from Agency Activity by an RFU Disciplinary Panel for a period of 22 months, and in response to some follow up queries from RPA members, we are providing confirmation of the scope of the suspension that has been imposed upon him as a result of his breaches of World Rugby and RFU Regulations.


The purpose of this further circular is to clarify that under the terms of his suspension, Matt Hart is not prohibited from acting for or advising or being involved either directly or indirectly on a player’s behalf in the negotiation, arrangement or execution of any solely commercial contract. However, for the duration of his suspension, clubs and players will still be in breach of RFU Regulations should they deal with Matt Hart in relation to Agent Activity (which prevents Matt Hart from acting, in any way and at any time in any Home Union, in the negotiation, arrangement or execution of any employment transaction or employment contract negotiation).


Should any player have any questions or need advice about Matt Hart’s suspension or any agreement they have with Mr. Hart, please contact the RPA’s Rugby Director, Richard Bryan on 07921 065 947 or